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Water Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces are the three signs created by water. What we want to do right now is just understand the first layer of meaning by exploring what water means and how this trait is held in common by all the three signs that water creates. Water is the only element that makes reflections. If you look into a pool of water you can almost always see a reflection of yourself. The main quality of water in astrology is that it provides resources for your to reflect upon yourself. The water signs – Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces – share (to different extents) that quality. They need and love and want to reflect upon themselves. So water signs have a lot of potential to be either self-absorbed or self-realized. You know, these are just two opposite extremes of the same pole. Water creates signs with a reflective environment. Surrounded by reflections of oneself one can become narcissistic and self-absorbed on one extreme or enlightened and self-realized on the other. I’ll risk being a little repetitive to just remind you one more time that we are talking about generalities, and you must not forget that. We are only talking about one of the four factors making a sign. And even when we fully integrate all four factors, we will still only be talking about one sign. Astrology states unequivocally that every individual is a combination of all twelve signs in various proportions. So, at least for a while resist the urge to say, “Oh so and so is a Pisces, and this totally is right!” Or, “No way, so and so is Cancer and she is the total opposite of what you just said.” Water is not only reflective, it also tends to be deep. The reflections of yourself seen on the mirror of water are deep things which pull you into them like Alice’s wonderland mirror. Water signs encourage deep reflection. In other words water encourages emotional response – “depth.” Besides being deep and reflective, another key characteristic of water is that is is “ripply” and flexible. It flows around things, changing shape. Water and straight lines don’t go together. Water forms drops – round drops. Water does not reflect upon things with a the sharp focus of a microscope and ruler. It reflects instead with the round softness of intuition. Thus water allows us to comprehend ourselves in ways that are beyond the reach of the logical mind. On the low end of the spectrum water can create the tendency to be completely baffled and confused by ones own emotional image, and to lose all rational grip on what the world really looks like. But on the high end of the spectrum water gives the ability to transcend the limits of linear logic and directly reflect upon the divine images of self and of Godhead. Water, along with earth, is a feminine element. Water is more female than earth. All water and earth signs are female signs. But I think it is redundant to separately explain what that means. By understanding water and earth you will automatically understand the zodiac concept of the high and low potentials of femininity.

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Bath oil, astro bath oil, Astrology, Element, Zodiac Sign,Overconfident,Arrogant,Impatient , Stress, Impulsive, essentials, bathoil

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